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Welcome to Cranfield’s Global Online Stackable Programmes

If you’re looking for self-paced, buildable, online Business and Management education from a world-leading institution, then our innovative approach to stackable learning is for you.

When you study. Where you study. How fast. How far. It’s up to you. Learn. Your Way.

Self-paced stackable learning that can build from Cranfield Digital Badges to a Master’s degree

Cranfield delivers transformative personal and professional development. Our tiered approach puts learning under your control. Build as you go, from our Bronze-level badges, to more advanced learning in our Silver and Gold modules, through to Postgraduate certificates amongst an online community of like-minded individuals.

As your capabilities grow and evolve, so will your ambition. You can build our Online Stackables all the way through to a Master’s in Business and Management if you want to go that far. You’ll even have the choice of what to specifically study, at every single step of your journey. If life gets in the way, you can slow down, and if you have a period of time when you want to fly, you can speed up.

That’s unique to your learning with Cranfield.

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Accessible, self-paced learning that transforms your knowledge

It’s not just about flexibility. Cranfield’s Global Online Stackable Programmes provides a comprehensive personalised learning experience. You can combine on-demand study with faculty-led online sessions and Impact Accelerator workshops to build a learning path that suits your goals.

Our passion for active and engaged learning runs throughout the core of our Online Stackable Programmes. You’ll gain the technical and theoretical knowledge you need to effect change – and you'll learn about yourself too. You’ll get to explore new passions. Reflect deeply. Address skills gaps – and build up your confidence and career or personal growth.

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Build as you learn

The concept of Cranfield’s Global Online Stackable Programmes is simple – you ’stack’ modular 'micro-credentials' to build to the level of education which suits you at your pace. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold Cranfield Digital Badges, and then you can progress to our four levels of postgraduate education: Postgraduate Award (PGAward), Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert), Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) and Master of Science (MSc, or Master's).

Throughout your journey you earn Cranfield Digital Badges that recognise your successful completion of a programme module. You’ll be able to share these on professional networks such as LinkedIn and add them to your CV.

Available levels


Individual programmes

Packaged programmes

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements beyond classroom-level competency in English (IELTS 6.5). For those who choose to progress through the levels, you will reach faculty-led assessment stages that you are required to pass in order to progress to the next course (assessments begin at Gold level).

To help you decide which subjects to select first:

The three pairs of subjects listed below are the core PGAwards which are required to qualify for the PGCert in Business and Management. The PGCert is a requirement for applying for a PGDip and MSc.

You can select any combination of a further three elective PGAwards to achieve a PGDip.

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